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Configuration of Google Maps for Power BI

Step 1. Obtain Google API key (FREE to use up to $200/month)

Step 2. Enable "Maps JavaScritp API"



Multi-markers for
the push-pin

Ability to display multiple entries on one push-pin

Work with PowerBI filters simultaneously

Ability to select radius and filter categories with one query


Ability to specify the search radius. Ability to change distance units (mi/km)

At a glance

Spatial analysis of your data in Power BI


Discover more Google Maps for Power BI capabilities

Google Maps for Power BI is a tool that lets you create maps and visualize data. Built-in spatial analysis tools and Google Maps data can help you identify patterns and trends that are difficult to see in charts, tables, or spreadsheets.

Understand your data

Analysis is an iterative process. Viewing your results on an interactive map makes it easy to adjust and tweak your analysis until you find the answers you need.

  • Analyze patterns to make predictions and determine next steps

  • Reveal relationships and outliers in your data

  • Join data located in multiple places or add a location element to your data

Find the best location

Ready to start or expand your business? Choosing the correct location is critical for success. Using the analysis tools in Google Maps for Power BI, you can:

  • Discover locations that meet your requirements

  • Identify locations that have similar characteristics of other locations

  • Identify the optimum site to maximize profit and minimize customer travel

Learn more about
your location

Looking to learn more about what is going on in your neighborhood, city, or state? Google Maps for Power BI includes tools to help you understand what’s going on at any given location.

  • Gather information about  places of interest, and businesses

  • Identify the number and type of  facilities within a certain number of miles

  • Specify search radius

Use optimal routes

Need to choose your route based on specific requirements? Google Maps for Power BI tools help you optimize your directions and routes.

  • Identify the best routes

  • Calculate travel costs by time and distance

  • Choose directions based on organizational requirements or vehicle limitations

  • Gain maximum efficiency by planning stops and routes for each vehicle

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For US / North America Customers

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