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CRM 2011 removing the organization configuration error

Problem: If you having problems with CRM 2011 Outlook client configuration wizard – and you get “removing the organization configuration” error. In logs (located C:UsersyourusernamehereAppDataLocalMicrosoftMSCRMLogs) – you see this message Error Exception : Value cannot be null. Reason: The CRM client uses incorrect CRM server address stored in the Registry (for example it happened after CRM 4.0 upgrade). Solution: In registry – ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftMSCRMClient – remove whole folder (MSCRMClient) – to start the configuration wizard from the scratch. Then you can always run Repair from Control Panel – if you get any additional troubles. This solution may also solve other errors – for example error “No organization was found on the CRM server”. However first of all – have a look into the Registry MSCRMClient entries – to verify if it stores incorrect CRM server address. If it is the case – then deleting whole folder will help you.

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