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Key customer benefits of an extended CRM in real estate business

This information would be helpful to those who work in real estate business and who have selected Microsoft Dynamics as the CRM system.

Nowadays, there is no ideal ready made CRM system for any industry or a particular company that could provide all necessary functionality and precisely reflect the business operations in your company. Usually, out-of-the-box functionality of chosen CRM is not match customer needs, business model, vital business processes, and it should be upgraded and improved by appropriate add-ons, applications which will allow to use CRM system according to your business needs and expectations. In order to satisfy business needs of your company and making your CRM system more suitable it is necessary to ask for help to CRM experts in particular industry who have valuable experience of improving chosen CRM and have clear insight of resolving similar tasks. Based on our best practices in improving Dynamics CRM for commercial and residential real estate companies, including midsize and enterprise companies, we would like to consider a few benefits from extending the power of CRM that could help you win more deals and save a lot of money thanks to professional customizing of current Dynamics CRM system.

5 Key benefits to real estate business from extending the power of CRM

  • If mundane work with matching requests and listings annoys you and takes a lot of time, then improving CRM will allow you to decrease the amount of routine operations and save a lot of efforts making your workday more productive. CRM system integrated with build-in listing portal and opportunity to reply quickly and efficiently to clients requests will help business to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Proper CRM system protects your employees from using different types of technologies to perform their job. Appropriate CRM consolidates all data from all your lead sources and necessary business logic in one place, upholding your data from duplicates. Moreover, it must be fully integrated within your website and social media outlets. Suitable CRM solution for real estate company have to simplify work with calls, listings, leads, contacts, requests, showings, emails, scheduling, reporting, document flow, sales pipeline, tracking all user activities and providing user-friendly environment for effective work.

  • Great CRM system have to provide better visibility into cash flow, listings, known and emerging tasks, sale process and deals closing. Data visualization will help you to make right decisions and prevent loss of customers and possibilities for real estate business.

  • Good business platform for real estate should give the powerful set of tools for automation of high-volume, low-complexity, and routine tasks. Free up more time for getting more deals and clients using improved Dynamics CRM according to your unique business needs.

  • Good CRM grants the access to your CRM from a mobile device or laptop and sync that whatever you put into the CRM online or offline. Create proper real estate CRM that will completely fit your business expectations, and manage it at the road or at the office.

5 essential question you have to ask yourself before upgrading current CRM system

What functionality do you expect from the Dynamics CRM? Clear understanding , what do you expect from CRM, will help you to create proper tasks for IT team.

What purpose do you want to achieve with selected CRM? Realizing, why your business needs CRM you will able to determine what the goal you want to achieve from CRM usage and develop the metrics for successful CRM integration.

What is the scope of CRM users? It is necessary to know how many people will be using the CRM in your company in order to plan budget and determine the levels of data access to CRM users.

How can the CRM adoption process be improved? Remember, between 30 % and 60 % of CRM projects are destined for failure because of poor user adoption. You should prevent user adoption problem, motivating your employees to use CRM features.

In a course of 10 years Dynamica Labs Team have been extending Dynamics CRM for real estate companies using own problem solving approach in this industry. We have learned a lot from our clients. We understand their needs and try to do the best for them.

Dynamica Labs is one of the oldest Dynamics CRM Partners and one of a very few companies with ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification for Dynamics CRM project delivery services.

For over 15 years we have been focused on 3 key CRM project goals: delivering measurable business results, following a cost-effective approach, providing the highest quality standards. Over the course of these years, we've taken part in hundreds of projects from SMEs to blue-chip global companies.


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