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Microsoft Rebrands BPOS As Office 365, Adds Office Online

Microsoft adds Office capabilities to BPOS – offering it to the small companies with fewer than 25 employees for $6 per user per month. For larger companies and government organizations, prices will start from $2 per user per month for basic e-mail. A fuller “professional” version will cost up to $27 per user per month. More details: – a brief information on Reuters: – a detailed article about Office 365 Microsoft Rebrands BPOS As Office 365, Adds Office Online

CRM Online and BPOS

Recently all Microsoft partners working on SMB market were suggested by MSFT to shift their focus to BPOS and Dynamics CRM Online. The new BPOS (“Office 365” as it is called now) pricing structure and definitely the Office suite capabilities – will make it an absolute hit!

Online services and SMB market

SMB market is interesting to work with. It is known for being very flexible and innovative:

  • SMB companies don’t have heavy infrastructure – so they can switch very easy.

  • SMB companies don’t have big IT budgets to spend – so they always searching for the best they can afford.

With Office 365 and Dynamics CRM online – you cover 70-80% of the business needs that a SMB company has in a day-to-day activities. Microsoft continues to expand its presence on the market of cloud services – and this is extremely important for an IT world leader.

Dynamica Labs is one of the oldest Dynamics CRM Partners and one of a very few companies with ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification for Dynamics CRM project delivery services.

For over 15 years we have been focused on 3 key CRM project goals: delivering measurable business results, following a cost-effective approach, providing the highest quality standards. Over the course of these years, we've taken part in hundreds of projects from SMEs to blue-chip global companies.


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