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Next Microsoft Dynamics CRM to be called Dynamics CRM 360?

In a video posted today by Microsoft – on a slide about the new functionality – we can clearly see Dynamics CRM in Metro-style UI and with the new logo. In fine print it says – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 360 Microsoft tells us that the next CRM Wave – will extend Internal Social Collaboration toolset. And will add “Listen and reply” capabilities for External Social networks.

About Dynamica Labs

Dynamica Labs is one of the oldest Dynamics CRM Partners and one of a very few companies with ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification for Dynamics CRM project delivery services.

For over 15 years we have been focused on 3 key CRM project goals: delivering measurable business results, following a cost-effective approach, providing the highest quality standards. Over the course of these years, we've taken part in hundreds of projects from SMEs to blue-chip global companies.

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