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Stacking Plan – or how to manage your tenants efficiently in Commercial Real Estate

Most Commercial Real Estate brokers often find it difficult to manage multitude of their tenants. Some tenants have lease expiration date next month, others in 3 months. And a good broker must act proactively.

Let’s review the 3 most common situations:

  1. Brokers have a problem quickly assessing occupancy in their properties

  2. It takes time for a broker to find the tenant’s lease expiration date

  3. Brokers want to know & plan ahead their activities (months before lease expires)

And if you add “lack of time” on top of it – you get a serious issue. Because, every broker prefers to close Deals rather than pulling together research data.

To get a quick assessment and to plan ahead your actions – the industry has a very useful solution – the Stacking Plan. It shows Office Units on each floor – and lease expiration dates:

Stacking Plan

The idea is simple – colours show when the lease agreement expires. You can see occupancy on each floor.

You can add activities right here and create new lease agreements as well

This simple overview – saves a lot of time – and helps in situation assessment and activity planning. This all happens in seconds, rather than hours.

Short video how it can work

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